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Robotic MeArm Kit - Arduino Controlled

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The Robotic MeArm Kit is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that's designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming! 

At its heart is the Arduino board. This means that users can create code in any Arduino-compatible editor, drop it onto the board and get going straight away with no additional boards required.

These have been designed for easy assembly for children as well as adults! The only tool you'll need to build it is a screw driver, and one is included in the box:)

Name: Robotic MeArm Kit
Degree: 4 degree of freedom
Material: Acrylic
For: 8 years old and above
Weight: about 250g
Servo: 4 micro servos MG90S
1. 4 degree of freedom robot arm with more untrammeled and flexible experience.
2. With Joystick Button Controller
3. All movement joints are using high quality bearings with good precision.
4. Full 4 axis moving to do extra extension and support 180° robot servo.

Unassembled Delivery.
Package Included:
1x 4DOF Robot Arm Kit
4x Mg90s Servo
1x Joystick Button Controller
1x Power Adapter