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Pluto X Drone Kit with X Ranging and X hybrid add-on [For Drone course]

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Pluto DIY Nano Drone Kit PlutoX- for Learning Stem & Tinkering, Crash Resistant, Smartphone Controlled, includes X Ranging board plus add-on wheels with Rechargeable Battery by Drona Aviation 
Key Features of PlutoX:
  • Programmable: C++ based api structure makes it extremely easy to program (all codes open sourced)
  • X Ranging add-on, X Hybrid add-on and breakout board
  • Modular Hardware: Can add new sensors / attachments to create new applications including rover, racing, collision avoidance, hybrid among others
  • Designed in iit bombay, made in india - prompt customer support
  • Open-source learning content, codes & drone projects to get you started; Batteries Required: Yes; Color: Black; Recommended Age: Minimum 10 years; Included Items: 1 Nano drone with HD camera; Material: Nylon-6; Dimensions: 16x16 Cms; Safety Warnings: Small parts included to be kept out of reach of infants


PlutoX Drone
X-Breakout to further experiments
Smartphone App
Cygnus IDE
Proptool, Propeller set and 2 motors

X Ranging add-on, X Hybrid add-on